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A Landlord and Office Management Franchise Opportunity Worth a Look

Are you a landlord looking for a new office management opportunity? A coworking franchise is a great way to offer more value to your current tenants. As more people work remotely, integrating coworking space into your facility is an opportunity to enhance your property and increase your revenue.

With Office Evolution’s landlord franchise model, you can monetize underutilized space with a subscription-based model that yields a whopping 93% recurring revenue! We’ll provide you with virtually everything you need to get started and run your business when you join our brand, so you can rest assured that you’ll have all of the necessary resources.

Here are some of the other benefits that our coworking space franchise opportunity offers:


  • Attract more customers to your building
  • Comprehensive corporate support that enables a semi-absentee, “Manage-the-Manager” model
  • One single salaried employee required
  • Lifestyle hours of operation: M-F, 8am-5pm
  • No food, expiring inventory, or cash
  • B2B: Members are professional entrepreneurs, just like you
  • A part of the Starpoint Brands family
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Why You Should Consider Our Office Management Franchise Opportunity

The visionary concept. The astonishing growth. The high-profile accolades.

These all underscore one key takeaway:

You do not want to sit on the shared-office-space sidelines …

The global coworking market has experienced exponential growth; it is forecasted to grow from more than $9B in 2023 to $12.5B in 2025 alone, making now a prime time to take advantage of this opportunity.

When your property has vacancies, it can have adverse effects on your bottom line and your other tenants. Full properties boost your location’s value as a quality and reputable establishment, while providing your tenants with confidence and more traffic for other businesses.

Office Evolution has developed a franchise opportunity that provides you with a footprint to run your coworking space location and other investments simultaneously. We’ve worked hard to create a business model that works for owners who operate other businesses.

You need to get in the game. The fastest, easiest, and smartest way to do so is by adding an Office Evolution center to your building.

Coworking Space

The benefits of having an Office Evolution inside your building include:

  • Providing small business owners and remote workers to work close-to-home with modern, functional office space
  • Employing a subscription-based model that yields 93% recurring revenue to monetize your underutilized space
  • Generating an average revenue of 2.2 times underlying rent,
  • Utilizing value-added amenities such as meeting rooms and administrative services as additional revenue streams

Together, we’ll develop a strategy to avoid vacancy issues and keep costs down without creating more work for you. We’re there for you every step of the way with our support, from comprehensive training to ongoing assistance.

People High Five

Our landlord franchise business model is designed to help you see growth by:

  • Increasing the lifetime value of tenants by offering flexibility with access to fully serviced swing, overflow, and project space
  • Establishing a tenant feeder system, increasing the amount of growing and emerging companies into your traditional office model
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The Evolution of Business Fuels Flexible Workspace Demand

At Office Evolution, we find ourselves extraordinarily well-positioned to take advantage of the increasingly relevant world of office space franchise, as part of a multi-billion-dollar category that shows no signs of slowing.

Did you know that coworking spaces:

  • Represent 1.6% of commercial real estate in the US?
  • Have seen the greatest rise in their category in recent years?
  • Are expected to increase by 30% this decade?

Our coworking space business investment is designed to capitalize on this growth opportunity while helping you thrive as both a landlord and an Office Evolution franchisee.

Today’s dreamers, risk-takers, and doers (aka entrepreneurs and small business owners) are in need of flexible workspace options that are close to home, affordable, safe, and inspired. Office Evolution is more than ready to meet the demand, and we encourage people looking for a landlord franchise partnership to consider this amazing opportunity.

Seeing is Believing

Office Evolution is the largest network of locally owned and operated coworking locations in the nation. See for yourself by scheduling a guided tour of a nearby location.

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The Secrets to Our (and Your) Coworking Franchise Increasing Success

75 locations (and growing). 25+ states. One industry leader.

Office Evolution is a relevant, visionary concept that has an unwavering commitment to the prosperity of both our tenants and franchise partners. Our team provides unparalleled support by sharing our industry expertise and knowledge, with high-aspiring excellence. Starting a coworking space with Office Evolution is the opportunity to break into a multi-billion-dollar industry with an experienced franchisor.

We’ve become a leader in the flexible workspace industry thanks to:

  • A high-density focus on private offices
  • 24/7 national access for members
  • Centralized corporate support allowing a single-employee model
  • Brand power and lead generation support
  • Backing of franchise powerhouse Starpoint Brands
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The Investment in Our Landlord Franchise Solution

As the coworking space industry continues to gain traction, Office Evolution offers an affordable franchise investment opportunity. We’re uniquely positioned with a business model that’s designed to save you time, money, and work.

While trends have steadily increased demand for flexible workspaces, our suburban focus and smaller floor plan keep costs down. This means an Office Evolution franchise investment can more easily result in high returns, particularly if a multi-unit franchise ownership is in your future.

Paper Money

Office Evolution Center costs and fees:

Minimum investable liquid capital: $175,000

Coin Money

Franchise Fee