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Convert Your Space to a Flexible Workspace Franchise

Do you own a coworking or flexible workspace? Do you own commercial property and are you looking for a new way to generate revenue from it? You’ve already made a smart investment from a real estate perspective, but now you can make the most of it with an Office Evolution conversion franchising opportunity.


  • Jumpstart your brand power
  • Add higher value with a simplified model
  • Go big on company culture
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Join An Industry With Tons Of Potential.

As a leader in the coworking industry, Office Evolution knows what it takes to thrive in the coworking space market. Our multi-billion-dollar industry is rife with opportunities, and by working together, we can help you break into this market and see a strong return on your investment.

By converting your existing space to an Office Evolution center, you can immediately jumpstart both your brand power and working processes. Thanks to our award-winning franchise program, a perfected concept, and unparalleled industry experience, you’ll have all the resources you need to hit the ground running and stay on the right track.

Some of the benefits of joining our fast-growing, top-ranked coworking franchise include:

  • Centralized, comprehensive corporate support that allows for a single-employee model
  • Modern, highly functional office space that attracts the best and brightest dreamers, risk-takers, and doers
  • Value-added amenities like meeting rooms, administrative services, and 24/7 national access for members
  • A savvy subscription-based model that yields 93% recurring revenue
  • Starpoint Brands culture and unwavering commitment to the prosperity of both tenants and partners
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A Leading Name in Shared Commercial Space

In virtually every industry today, brand matters.

At Office Evolution, we’ve worked hard to craft our proven business model and superior franchise resources to provide our franchise owners with a comprehensive package. In becoming a leader in the coworking industry, our brand awareness and recognition has carried our name across state lines and provided us connections with other powerful industry players. We’ve become synonymous with adding higher value to a simplified model while maintaining a strong company culture. 

With over 75 locations open (and more on the way), an impressive footprint in more than half of the US, and robust marketing practices that keep our name in front of those that count, we bring you the maximum brand power you need to gain ground. We’ve got a straightforward, eight-step process to become an Office Evolution franchise that will have you up and running with everything you need to grow your business and your wealth.

Conversion Franchising: Invest to Rebrand Your Office Space and Reap the Rewards of a Coworking Space Franchise

The Office Evolution franchise investment is straightforward and clearly defined. Even better, our team can help you access SBA lending programs to rebrand your existing business center. As you establish OE operations, our smaller floor plans help keep costs down, enabling you to increase net revenue.

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