A Coworking Franchise Opportunity That Aligns Business and Lifestyle

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An Unparalleled Office Franchise Opportunity With Office Evolution

Office Evolution offers an extraordinary opportunity to take advantage of today’s changing business world by investing in a unique coworking space franchise in a multi-billion-dollar category. In fact, the global coworking space market is forecasted to grow from more than $9B in 2023 to $12.5B in 2025 alone, meaning now is truly the perfect time to consider this option as a means to own your own business and grow your wealth

As the #1 and fastest-growing coworking franchise, Office Evolution has been perfecting it’s coworking concept since 2003. Office Evolution fills a unique niche in the coworking space by providing our members with locations in suburban markets, business-minded clientele, a smaller footprint, mindful space layout and design, and our welcoming culture. These benefits translate into many distinct advantages within our unmatched franchise opportunity, including recurring revenue, business-to-business (B2B) clients, low employee requirements, recession-resistance, and a semi-absentee model. Our goal is to provide our members with flexible coworking solutions that work for them while franchise owners are able to build their wealth.

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Coworking Space Franchise: Immense Growth and No Sign of Slowing

The business world is rapidly evolving, and the demand for flexible franchise coworking spaces will likely remain constant. We provide today’s dreamers, risk-takers, and doers the affordable, safe, and inspired spaces they need to take their business to the next level.

  • Coworking spaces represent 1.6% of commercial real estate in the US
  • The segment has seen the greatest increase in recent years
  • The category is expected to increase by 30% this decade

We’ve developed our business model to set franchisees up for success. With professional clients, you’ll enjoy recurring revenue and semi-absentee ownership while being responsible for one salaried employee and no food exigencies.

 Office Evolution Investment Costs


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What Our Office Franchise Owners Have to Say About Us

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Learn About Our Three Coworking Franchise Development Models

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Semi-Absentee Franchisee

  • Semi-absentee, one single salaried employee coworking franchise model
  • 93%+ recurring revenue via our subscription-based revenue model
  • Lifestyle hours of operation: M-F, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • No food, expiring inventory, or cash
  • B2B; members are professional entrepreneurs, just like you
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  • Enhance your asset by providing additional amenity space
  • A wider product offering for your tenant base: Overflow, swing, project, and meeting space
  • Provide a feeder for long-term traditional tenants
  • Deliver flexibility to a new and broader tenant base (small business owners and remote workers), resulting in a premium above-market rent
  • Tap into profitable revenue beyond the fixed office: Class A business designation plans and flex space subscriptions
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  • Your current shared space + Office Evolution = win-win results
  • Benefit from our nationwide brand, expertise, and program
  • Complete corporate support that enables a semi-absentee, manage-the-manager model
  • Our powerful culture: Represent those who try, believe in their own talent, dream of a better life, and say, “I can do this!”

An Affordable Coworking Franchise Investment Designed to Build Wealth

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Target Audience

Our members are business-minded professionals who are either entrepreneurs or small business owners.

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Location Selection

Our locations exist in suburban markets, which are associated with lower costs and more demand, and are bolstered by a local network to support our members’ success.
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Local Ownership

Our franchise owners are woven into the fabric of the community while maintaining a similar profile to our target audience.
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What to Consider Before Opening a Coworking Space Franchise

Recurring Dollar Icon

Recurring revenue

Subscription-based revenue model – 93%+ income is recurring.

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Semi-Absentee/Single Employee

Hire one salaried employee.

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Lifestyle Hour

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

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Members are like-minded professionals.

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Close To Home

Work and live in the same town.
Stay local. No long commute.

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Eliminate perishable costs

No need to worry about food,
expiring inventory, or cash.

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Essential Service

Considered an essential service, staying open
and serving clients.

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Virtually Touchless Entry

With locations on the first or second floor, you’ll avoid elevators and other high-touch areas.

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Loyal Member Base

High retention/renewal rate and customer lifetime value (CLV)

Join Our Office Space Franchise Opportunity

Office Evolution features a comprehensive coworking office franchise opportunity replete with valuable advantages to get your location up and running both quickly and efficiently. Our team of experts is there for you every step of the way to provide guidance and support you won’t find anywhere else.

As a part of Starpoint Brands, a family of trusted companies representing the very best in their industries, we’re able to provide award-winning resources for our franchisees. From building the reputation of quality, reliability, and value, Starpoint Brands has industry experience and knowledge to provide unprecedented leadership and solid business opportunities. Our partnership helps bring new franchise owners on board smoothly while setting them on a path to achieving long-term success.

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Why You Should Consider Our Coworking Franchise Opportunity

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We have a collaborative culture

Our culture is rooted in the core principles of Ohana, which means a family or a group working together. Our franchisees and members alike share a common desire to help and support one another.

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We have industry-leading partnerships

By joining Starpoint Brands, the franchise division of United Franchise Group (UFG), we’re able to provide our franchise owners with nearly four decades of industry experience. As the Global Leader for Entrepreneurs, UFG and Starpoint Brands feature industry advantages franchise owners won’t find anywhere else; like streamlined processes, proven business models, comprehensive training, and ongoing support, all designed to get you started and set on the right track toward growth.

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We’re growing!

Office Evolution has been recognized on Entrepreneur magazine’s Top 500® franchises list four years running and awarded #1 in Entrepreneur’s coworking spaces category three years in a row. We’ve doubled our network in size year over year!

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We have the best people

Our dedicated franchise support team is committed to supporting, teaching, and coaching you every step of the way.

Coworking Franchise Spotlights

Get to know a few of our franchisees. Some are serial entrepreneurs who have founded and run other businesses. Many are former Fortune 500 executives.

There are a few couples who have opted to leave the corporate world and work together. Regardless of their background, they bring energy, insight, and integrity to the Office Evolution coworking space franchise team. And we never forget that they’re a key factor in our collective success.

Featured Coworking Space Franchise Territories

At Office Evolution we are constantly growing our franchise base. Reach out to us and inquire about a franchise in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Coworking Franchise

Starting a coworking space franchise with Office Evolution is a great opportunity. We know there is a lot to consider when looking at investments, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions below.

Do you offer multi unit franchise opportunities?

Yes, Office Evolution prides itself on making multi-unit opportunities available within a given market. Feel free to check out our Brochure to learn more about the opportunity for investors with bigger aspirations.

What is a multi unit franchise opportunity?

A multi-unit franchisee is someone who has purchased the rights to own and operate a number of franchises of the same brand within a territory. For those who can afford to do so, there are advantages to scaling up. One location in a stronger market, for example, can offset mediocre returns from another. Multiple locations mean you may be in a stronger position to weather economic downturns. A single marketing program can benefit all your locations, employees can rotate between locations, and there are likely to be cost savings when you purchase equipment or supplies in bulk. A successful multi-unit franchisee is a professional with a solid income history who is comfortable developing a business and managing both people and finances. Unlike the single unit owner who spends a lot of time in one location, the multi-unit building owner hires managers for each location, visiting each while keeping an eye on the big picture. Of course, franchise organizations like owners to scale up since they’ve proven themselves successful and know the brand, and they’ve already made connections within their local markets.

How much does a coworking franchise owner make?

There are a lot of factors that go into answering this question, such as the location and number of members, whether the franchise is new or an acquisition, etc. But we know it’s a vital question for potential franchisees, and OE has worked hard to make both costs and profits as transparent as possible. Start by looking at Article 19 in your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). (Item 19 is a financial performance representation, and it must comply with the federal franchise rule and state rules. However, it is optional, and you might notice that some other franchisors choose to leave this section blank.)

Item 19 is where you’ll find actual numbers (like revenue-to-rent ratio, set-up fees, royalties, etc.) provided by all franchise locations. Spend some quality time with Item 19 because it’s going to give you a good idea of what you can expect to make, both in the first 12 months of your franchise and then down the road as your franchise ramps up. For those interested in owning an Office Evolution location, we’ll walk you through Item 19 and explain how it is put together so you can project your earnings given the size, location, and membership of your operation.

Of course, we urge all new franchisees to sit down with existing franchisees to learn about their experiences, their challenges, and what works for them.

In what markets do you offer franchise opportunities?

We offer franchise opportunities all across the nation. An Office Evolution franchise is perfect for any suburban market where consultants, attorneys, accountants, architects, graphic designers, technology providers, professional services firms, and more live and work! Let us know where you would like to open a location. We’ll let you know if the territory is available and whether we think it’s a good fit.

Why should I consider a coworking franchise?

Coworking is a booming category. According to a JLL report, coworking/flexible workspace currently represents 1.6% of all commercial real estate. The category is expected to grow to 30% by 2030! This growth is being driven by an increase in the solopreneur and small business growth, as well as an increased appetite from enterprises to put part of their property portfolio in flexible coworking space. Office Evolution Franchise Specialists are equipped and trained to provide you with insights into the coworking category and why Office Evolution is a great choice for a coworking franchise.

What differentiates Office Evolution? How is the business model different from competitors?

The Office Evolution business model is perfect for any franchise owner who wants recurring revenue, the ability to work and live in the same area, a life outside of the office (you’ll work Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.), and to be around like-minded, professional business people. The OE business model is set up specifically for franchise business owners who don’t want to work with hourly employees, food, cash, or expiring inventory! If the OE business model sounds like it’s right for you, let’s connect and discuss further.
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