Meet Our Office Franchise Owners, Vicki and Bob Fox, from Southlake TX


In the bustling city of Southlake, Texas, Bob and Vicky Fox embarked on a new chapter of their lives after decades in their respective careers when they chose an office franchise opportunity with Office Evolution. 

Bob, who had spent 32 years at Halliburton Corp., had always dreamed of owning his own business. Meanwhile, Vicky had dedicated 22 years of her life as a surgical nurse. Together, they sought an investment opportunity that would provide both financial flexibility and a chance to build meaningful relationships. 

Little did they know that their decision to open an Office Evolution franchise would lead them on a path of growth and success.

Taking the Leap into Franchise Ownership

Bob’s expertise in building businesses and infrastructure, honed during his tenure in his previous position, made him confident in his ability to start from scratch. However, recognizing that they didn’t know much about running a business, they opted for the franchise route. 

They discovered franchising offered vital support in areas such as real estate, legal matters, and marketing, providing a strong foundation for their entrepreneurial journey. 

With guidance from their advisors and access to additional resources, Bob and Vicky began to navigate the intricate world of franchise ownership.

The Evolution of the Flexible Workspace Industry

When the Foxes first entered the business of flexible office space management, they explained, their venture proved challenging, as the concept of coworking spaces was still relatively new. They often found themselves spending more time clarifying their business model than anything else. 

However, they witnessed a remarkable shift in the business landscape over the years. Once skeptical about the industry, landlords now recognized the value of flexible office spaces and began seeking ways to incorporate them into their portfolios. 

The rise of remote work and virtual teams further fueled the demand for such spaces. Bob and Vicky discovered that their Office Evolution franchise was perfectly positioned to cater to this growing market, attracting individuals and businesses alike. 

Today, they no longer struggle to explain their business; they find potential clients actively seeking them out.

Expansion Opportunities and Challenges

As the industry continued to thrive, the Foxes realized their existing space was no longer sufficient to meet the increasing demand. They frequently found themselves turning away potential members due to limited availability. 

Very soon, an opportunity presented itself when neighboring offices became available for lease. The new space offered larger, more traditional offices that appealed to the Texan preference for generous workspace. 

Recognizing the potential for growth, Bob and Vicky decided to seize the opportunity and expand their operations across the hallway. This expansion would enable them to accommodate more members and solidify their position as a go-to provider in the region.

Building Relationships and Success

For the Foxes, their office franchise opportunity was not merely a profit-driven endeavor. It was about forging meaningful relationships with their members and creating a supportive community. 

They take pride in providing a space that meets their client’s business needs and fosters connections and collaboration. 

They have found fulfillment in their entrepreneurial journey by focusing on both financial success and building strong relationships. Bob emphasizes that their decision to pursue franchise ownership was motivated by a desire to start anew and continue making a difference.

In Summary

Bob and Vicky Fox’s transition from their previous careers to becoming Office Evolution franchise owners in Southlake, Texas, showcases the power of seizing opportunities and adapting to market trends. 

Through their dedication and the support of their franchisors, they have witnessed their business thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. As they prepare to expand, the Foxes demonstrate their commitment to meeting the demands of their community while emphasizing the importance of building relationships.

Their story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a venture that combines financial success with the chance to make a positive impact on others’ lives.

Embark on a New Journey with Our Office Franchise Opportunity

Coworking spaces have become the go-to choice for professionals seeking flexible and collaborative work environments. Among the many players in this growing industry, Office Evolution stands out as a franchise that offers incredible benefits to its franchisees. Here are a few reasons entrepreneurs choose to be a part of the Office Evolution family:

  • Recurring Revenue: Office Evolution operates on a subscription-based model, with 93% of franchise owners’ income coming from recurring revenue streams.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: Franchisees can offer coworking memberships, virtual office services, meeting room rentals, and business support services, diversifying their income and adding stability to their business.
  • Recession-Resistance: Coworking spaces are in high demand during economic downturns due to their cost-effectiveness and flexibility, making Office Evolution a recession-resistant franchise option.
  • Single-Employee Model: With Office Evolution, franchisees don’t have to manage a large staff, leading to better bottom-line growth and a smoother business management experience.
  • Training and Support: Extensive training and continuous support are provided to franchisees, including pre-opening training, access to a dedicated support team, and a network of fellow franchisees for guidance and advice.
  • Lower Start-Up Costs: Office Evolution offers a relatively low start-up cost compared to other franchises, making it accessible to entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business without significant upfront investment.

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