How to Convert Your Space into an Office Space Franchise

converting your space into an office space franchise

Do you own a coworking space or commercial property and want to convert it to an office space franchise? Look no further than Office Evolution. By converting your space into an office space franchise with Office Evolution, you’ll be able to jumpstart your brand power, add higher value with a simplified model, and go big on company culture. 

As a leader in the coworking industry, Office Evolution knows what it takes to thrive in the coworking space market. Our multi-billion-dollar industry is rife with opportunities, and by working together, we can help you break into this market and see a strong return on your investment.

What Is a Conversion Franchise?

A conversion franchise is a business model that enables entrepreneurs to jumpstart their existing businesses quickly and easily by taking advantage of an existing, established brand. It involves purchasing the rights to use the franchisor’s name, trademark, logo, products, services, and marketing strategies.

By converting your space into an office space franchise you enable the franchisee to benefit from the brand recognition of a well-known company while allowing them to maintain full control over their own business operations.

The main benefit of conversion franchising is that it allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of an already established brand name and reputation without having to start from scratch when launching their own business. 

By utilizing a well-known brand in their marketing efforts, there can be a significant boost in sales right away due to customer trust in the product or service offered. Franchisees are often provided with access to industry-specific resources that they would not have access to otherwise, which can help them stay ahead of the competition. 

How to Convert Your Space into Our Office Space Franchise

It has never been easier to convert your space into an Office Evolution franchise. Here is a step-by-step guide to owning your very own coworking space franchise. 

  • First Contact: You’ll get in touch with us to express your interest in converting your space into an Office Evolution franchise. 
  • Introductory Call: We’ll take this opportunity to get to know you and see if you’re a good fit for the Office Evolution brand. You’ll also have the chance to ask us any questions about our offering and procedures. 
  • Franchise Disclosure Document: Here, you’ll review our FDD and note any questions you may have for our team. 
  • Franchise Application: It’s time for you to fill out your franchise application to convert your space into an Office Evolution franchise. Here, the journey really begins. 
  • Discovery Day: You’ll be invited to a Discovery Day, where you’ll get the opportunity to meet our leadership team and learn more about running your new business. 
  • Join the Office Evolution Family: Once your application has been accepted, you’ll officially become part of the Office Evolution family of franchisees, and it’ll be time to start converting your space. 

Our Coworking Franchise Cost

At Office Evolution, we are proud to offer excellent transparency around our coworking franchise cost. Here’s what you can expect to invest in your first Office Evolution franchise. 

  • Overall investment: $400,000 – $1 million. This total investment includes construction and remodeling costs, furniture and fixtures, technology and infrastructure investments, and more.
  • Initial franchise fee: $49,500. Our initial franchise fee is included in your overall investment of $400,000 – $1 million.
  • Liquid capital required: $175,000. Prospective franchisees must be financially capable of absorbing the costs associated with building up their business.

The Benefits of Investing in Our Coworking Franchise

By converting your existing space to an Office Evolution center, you can immediately jumpstart both your brand power and working processes. Thanks to our award-winning franchise program, a perfected concept, and unparalleled industry experience, you’ll have all the resources you need to hit the ground running and stay on the right track.

Some of the benefits of joining our fast-growing, top-ranked coworking franchise include:

  • Centralized, comprehensive corporate support that allows for a single-employee model.
  • Modern, highly functional office space that attracts the best and brightest dreamers, risk-takers, and doers.
  • Value-added amenities like meeting rooms, administrative services, and 24/7 national access for members.
  • A savvy subscription-based model that yields 93% recurring revenue.
  • An average revenue increase of 43% within two years.
  • UFG culture and unwavering commitment to the prosperity of both tenants and partners.

Are you ready to join the Office Evolution family of franchisees by converting your space? Contact us today for more information.

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