The Many Benefits of Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership

Multi-Unit Franchise

Investing in multi-unit franchise opportunities is one of the best ways to take advantage of the franchise business model, which is favored by entrepreneurs for its high returns on investment, not to mention the ongoing support you get from being part of a business network.

This approach to franchise ownership usually involves owning more than one unit within a specific location or territory. It’s essentially the equivalent of owning multiple businesses under the same brand name. 

As experts in office space franchising, Office Evolution lays out some of the main benefits of multi-unit franchise opportunities

Multi-Unit Ownership Benefits

Multi-unit franchising is a popular approach to franchise ownership, with 54% of all franchised units in the US owned by multi-unit franchisees. Multi-unit owners benefit from being able to leverage an established brand name within an entire territory. 

Here are some of the main benefits of multi-unit franchise ownership. 

  • Resources and staff can be shared: When you are a multi-unit business owner, your businesses will essentially be the same, meaning they will have the same resource and staffing requirements. For example, if one location is over-staffed and another is understaffed, you can transfer employees from one location to another. 
  • Success is more likely: This one goes without saying. When you own more than one successful business, you are more likely to generate more profit and expect a greater return on investment. 
  • There are fewer costs involved: Multi-unit owners are able to spread fixed costs across multiple locations. Greater efficiency in this area leads to higher profit margins and considerable return on investment. 
  • There is less trial and error: When you open one franchise business unit, you rely on an established and proven business model. Now, apply this to multiple units, and you’re doing the same things several times over. This leaves very little room for trial and error with the backing of a proven business model and your own personal experience behind you. 

Whether you are a single-unit franchise owner or a multi-unit investor, you can always count on the Office Evolution team to provide ongoing support and assistance in your franchise journey. 

More About Office Evolution

Office Evolution offers an ideal coworking office space franchise concept that embraces the changing business landscape. We’ve spent years developing a comprehensive business model to help franchise owners invest in their future and build wealth while meeting consumer demand for coworking space.

Our coworking space franchise allows franchise owners to join an industry-leading brand focused on lead generation. At Office Evolution, we know that our franchisees’ success is our success, so we provide virtually everything they need to start and run their business. Owners especially enjoy our business model, which supports 93% recurring revenue.

Office Evolution is extraordinarily well-positioned to provide the increasingly relevant coworking spaces that small business owners and entrepreneurs require. We fulfill a unique niche of suburban locations close to home, affordable, safe, and inspired.

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